I enjoy teaching classes that combine my past professional experience and current research. See my course history below.

George Washington University

At George Washington, I teach the following classes, which range in size from 18 to 110 students, and include both undergraduate and graduate students.

This course introduces students to communication as a social science. Areas of focus include perception and the self, interpersonal communication and groups, mass media and public communication, and other special topics.

This course is designed to increase your understanding of persuasive communication, or messages intended to influence people’s attitudes and behaviors. You will learn about historic and social scientific approaches to persuasion, as well as the ethical implications of persuasion in society.

The Ohio State University

At Ohio State University, I served as an independent instructor and teaching assistant for the following courses.

In this class, students learn the basic principles of persuasion, including theoretical frameworks and practical skills like designing an effective argument. Students learn how to give effective presentations and persuasive public speeches.

Student Evaluations of Instruction: 4.87/5

This class offers an examination of the positive and negative contributions of advertising in the American mass media system to society from political, sociological, and economic perspectives.

Student Evaluations of Instruction: 4.72/5

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